This is my blog discussing film, and generally relating to my own film collection. The main focus is to record my reviews of film, many of which also appear on Rotten Tomatoes & Facebook via Flixter, Empire, IMDB, & This is a very PERSONAL look at film, a diary of both my collection, viewings and musings. Though it is open for all to read and comment on, this is not presented as any form of professional site and I make no claims of my intentions to become a professional critic. This is simply me enjoying film and sharing my opinions about the subject. Feel free to comment… Films are rated by “Foot Candles” in honour of the early days of cinema, the measure of light used in projection. It is also said that around four such candles of light are lost during polarised 3D showings.


News and updates regarding my collection. I have recently been invited to post to another Wordpress blog, MrMovieFiend. A selection of my reviews are now available through that blog.

850th TITLE

(03/11/12) Today, I received our 850th Title, the 15th James Bond movie and first of the Timothy Dalton efforts, The Living Daylights (1987). Believe it or not I haven’t seen this one and have always felt that Dalton wasn’t for me, probably because at the time, Rodger Moore was the Bond of my childhood. Now, I looking for something quite different. Review imminent…


(26/10/12) Ironically, the 50th Article to be posted to nEoFILM is a celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the British institution, James Bond. Written to mark the release of Bond’s 23rd official movie, Sam Mendes’ Skyfall, this milestone has been along time in coming.


(09/10/12) From the December 12th, I will begin The nEoFILM Christmas Film Festival, inwhich I will look at a selection of festive films, between then and December 25th. This will run for the next 13 days, and none festive reviews will resume on December 26th. So, expect nothing but Christmas cheer, as we take a look at some of the classics, corkers and duds of the festive season.


(08/10/12) Ang Lee’s Hulk has become my 60th Top Rated, 10 Candle (10/10) film today. I’ve referenced Hulk several times over the years as one of the best Marvel and comic book adaptations ever made, but this is not a widely held view. Highly recommended.


(1/10/12) I have know collected all the articles and review which were posted on the 25th and 30th September in honour of Cinerama’s 60th Birthday.


(24/09/12) This month sees two significant movie related birthdays. The first was Star Trek’s 46th Anniversary on the 8th September and the second is Cinerama’s 60th (30th September). Both are quite low key affairs in general and are honoured by their fans alone, which I happen be of, both. Cinerama helped to revolutionised cinema, whilst Star Trek’s influence of TV and Film is almost just as pronounced, though often dismissed. Citizen Kane (1940) and Metropolis (1927) certainly did their bits, but thank Cinerama for it’s part in influencing IMAX and Widescreen and Star Trek for it’s influence on Science Fiction. Though it might also be fair to note that Forbidden Planet (1956) influenced Star Trek first so the whole thing is somewhat fluid and open to interpretation…

400th REVIEW!

(29/08/12) It seems that my reviews are now running at a record breaking pace as it has been less than 3 months since I published by 350th review, Titanic (1943). That’s 50 reviews in less than 12 weeks, compared to the previous time spans being something like 4 – 5 months apart. This time, the honour goes to Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, which only received 7 Candles, but that’s not to say that I didn’t like it. This is the second milestone review to receive 7/10 (Titanic (1943) being the other), with only Se7en receiving 10/10 (300th Review).


(30/07/12) Today I have updated my Top Ten to include two new entries, whilst managing not to lose anything. The first was to include The Dark Knight Rises, but I didn’t want take up three spots with same franchise and because I feel that even though TDKR is the weakest of the trilogy, it’s a nats whisker between all three. They are all excellent and stand as my favourites, so I felt that I could group them all together, as TDKR would have taken up the number ~5 spot anyway.

By doing this, I’ve managed to free a spot up as well, which made room for a film with has earned its place in my Top Ten and that is Team America: World Police. I simply can’t say enough about how good I feel that this film is, which is such an excellent satire and spoof of both international politics of the day and the blockbuster genre, it’s one or two lines away from actually being a Michael Bay blockbuster in it’s own right!

And that’s the magic of a film like this. underrated, though still accepted, Team America is a long time coming but it now takes up my number ~9 spot, whilst The Dark Knight Trilogy is at number ~3, with all the intervening entries moving up a spot, with the exception of Transformers, which remains at # ~10.

350th REVIEW!

(10/06/12) Review #350 has been posted today. The honour goes to a film which whilst not top rated, as Se7en was (300th Review), it is still a film of rare interest and some controversy, if not somewhat old news. Titanic (1943) was a German propaganda film produced by the Nazi’s in the midst of World War 2 and painted a particularly bias and fictitious picture of the events on the doomed liner. The story was written and conceived solely for the defamation of Hitler’s enemies, namely the Allies and Jews. An interesting film if not one of the the best and I’m glad to have seen it. A rare find.

500th CANDLE

(10/06/12) Trainspotting is the 50th film to receive 10/10 or Ten Candles. Danny Boyle’s 1996 Masterpiece following the exploits of a group of Scottish drug addicts whilst still managing to craft one of the best comedy dramas that I’ve ever seen, is a worthy addition and I’m personally pleased that this title has made this milestone.

800th TITLE

(09/06/12) The 80oth Title to be added to the collection is the 1991 Alan Parker film, The Commitments. This is a film that I’ve obviously heard about for over the past 20 years but have yet to see so this is a blind buy for me. My wife on the other hand, likes it so fingers crossed…

300th REVIEW!

(28/02/12) David Fincher’s neo-noir crime thriller, Se7en has the dubious honour of being my 300th Review. I couldn’t have hoped for a better title, certainly better the 250th, the 2007 western remake, 3:10 To Yuma.

700th TITLE

(14/10/11) Today, I have just added my 700th title and West Side Story was the film. I must admit that I’ve never seen this but it has been on my list for long while now. Having some time… (FULL STORY: CLICK HERE)

No updates at present.


With a new house comes a long-awaited upgrade… Blu-ray 3D, though not top-notch has arrived.  We have opted for the cheap and cheerful Technika 3D LCD 42-8533d, with its 42 inch screen, utilising Passive 3D technology. Passive was the way we wanted to go, as the idea of spending £60 a time for battery operated shutter specs just wasn’t viable, certainly as we have four children to cater for in our house. All in all, this is far from the best TV in the world, but it’s also not the worst. The 3D is very effective and the general quality it good. Not bad for a budget model. And in our case, as we have a projector for most of our film viewing, so this makes a nice and affordable addition to our home cinema set up, finally opening the door to the third dimension.



(12/09/11) …And the second most important of the Cinerama films is finally set to arrive on Blu-ray this year, or so they say. This is after a delay due to the usual rights issues typically associated with the rarer productions. This was the first an only Cinerama film that I have seen presented on a REAL screen, the U.K.’s very own Bradford Cinerama Screen and I would love to own and watch this again. (FULL STORY: CLICK HERE)



Coming September 2012, the 1958 documentary/feature film, Windjammer: The Voyage Of The Christian Radich is the second film to be restored and presented in the Smilebox format. This is a rarely seen feature which may have been one of the most popular films of the 3-panel formats. Though presented and often projected as Cinerama, it was in fact one of a process known as Cinemiracle.

The formats were similar and consisted of the parallel strips of film being projected… (FULL STORY: CLICK HERE)

Thanks to the site for the information.

WANTED LIST For a full list, click the image or the tab above…


I’ve been on the lookout to upgrade by copies of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight for a couple of years now, but I’ve always been somewhat satisfied with by original DVD copies and have been reluctant to replace The Dark Knight and the aspect ratio is consistent at 2:39:1 on the DVD, rather than variable as it is on the Blu-ray.

But I was looking around earlier this week and came across this REEL bargain. The Limited Edition twin pack as released back in 2008 which contains both films for just under £4!, second-hand of course. I suspect that this was an error is pricing but they seemed to have honoured it, so far. But they are obliged to sell the product at this price, I have no doubt that it will be honoured but if not, the company will be named and shamed.

Otherwise and more positively, this must count as one the best bargains that I’ve ever come across, certainly as the Blu-ray’s sell separately for about £8 each… (Secoond hand)


Well, it arrived and was in near perfect condition. Thank you Zoverstocks (via & for another example of great service.

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