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It’s been a good month for quality films, beginning with the 550th review, Glory (1989) 9/10, John Wayne classic, The Quiet man (1951) 9/10, Michael Bay’s second feature, Top Rated The Rock (1996) 10/10. But talking about 10 Candle movies, Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan (1982) 10/10 was also published this month to coincide with its 31st Anniversary. This was a re-write of the original, criminally short review which I wrote within the first days of starting the blog back on 2009.

This month nEoFILM was also celebrating all things Superman to mark the release of Man Of Steel (2013). Superman: The Movie (1978) and Max Fleischer’s 1940’s cartoon shorts both scored 9/10, with Superman II (1980/2006), both cuts and Superman III (1983) all being rated at 7/10, with Superman IV: The Quest For Peace (1987) scoring 6/10, to a reader’s dismay, as was my rating of Superman Returns (2006) at 8/10. Both reviews being awarded just 1/5 by readers, or reader.

But in the end it was the film of the month, quite literally, which is my Film Of The Month.



Man Of Steel (2013) embodied all the qualities which make up the perfect choice of the Film Of The Month, not only being current and popular but very much embodying film in June 2013. The hype has been phenomenal and so have the results, very good, with my rating of 9/10 being mirrored across many reviewers opinions. A lot of what I’ve been reading have placed the film firmly in the 8/10 bracket but a fair few, like myself would say 9/10 though I’ve yet to come across a full 10/10. The film is very enjoyable, very much what Superman should be and what is often isn’t on screen and what we need it to be  in the 21st century.

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