DIRECTOR: Dwight H. Little


May Contain Spoilers!

Will we be adding this to our collection?  NO

Granted, I’m not a fan of “family”, animal movies but Free Willy 2 just takes it all to a new level. I can accept that the first one was at least highlighting a very real and concerning issue of the day, that of whales being held in captivity. But as for this sequel, it is utter rubbish! Besides bringing back the lead cast from the first film and the whale obviously, this is just a series of contrived events which are episodic linked together to create obstacles for the kids and whales alike to overcome.

For example, a tanker runs a ground, without a drunken captain might I add which in itself is implausible, spills oil, whales need a clean, oil company is evil, kids try to save whales, whales try to save kids, adults let kids risk their lives for whales… WHAT? No. This pushes the boundaries of suspension of disbelief to new levels which I can’t accept. It’s just ill-conceived, opportunistic, crass and cheap.

This isn’t E.T. (1982) though it tries very hard to emulate it and would have been disappointing if I cared to start with but this film does nothing to change my mind. It literally takes step after step in towards lunacy!

Highly NOT recommended…


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