DIRECTOR: Judd Apatow


May Contain Spoilers!

Will we be adding this to our collection? MAYBE

Adam Sandler is back with his brand of caustic comedy, as the rather unlikable but I suppose, sympathetic George Simmons who is diagnosed with a rare, fatal blood decease and only has a year to live. He takes Ira (Seth Rogen) under his wing as his assistant to basically be his companion as he has no-one else in his life.

He’s obnoxious, selfish but still a successful comic and I couldn’t help feeling that this was a direct reflection of Sandler’s own character. He is also regretting the loss of his one true love, Laura (Leslie Mann), who he had cheated on years earlier. She has since got on to get married to a rather well pitched Eric Bana and the pair have two daughters, but upon learning that his disease has been cured, he makes a play for her and is prepared to wreck the family in order to have her.

Ira is the moral compass here, but he’s plays a very blah, Seth Rogen-esk character, against Sandlers nastiness, the pair come across as more pathetic than sympathetic. In fact, it’s Bana and Mann who come out looking best. The film on the whole though, rests upon the shoulders of Sandler and Rogen, as the plot is all over the place.

It’s gently amusing rather than funny, tried to get into crass comedy more than it needs to but the film is just way to long. At 146 minutes for a comedy drama, which plays more like a comedy, there’s just too much going on. The first half is the story is Rogen and Sandler dealing with his potential death and then it becomes a weird and uneasy home-wrecking story which leads to this ending which just seems to wrap things up to neatly.

Simply put. Adam Sandler’s George Simmons was BAD! Rogen was pathetic! And Mann needed to grow up, which she does during the final act. Overall, there were plenty of giggles, no real belly laughs but some great cameos from REAL comedians, but Funny People would be more aptly entitled “Mildly amusing People In Uneasy Circumstances”…


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