First off, I’ve very, very sorry about the title, but what the hey!

September has been a prolific month for this blog, being the first full month of reviews and articles. 30 in total, but today also marks the 60th day of the consecutive run, which includes 74 posts in total. From the 8th August, till the 6th October, this is the longest consecutive run ever for nEoFILM.

From last Monday, the plan is to try to post every two days, at least up until New Years Day 2013, but it’s probably fair to expect more.

This month has seen the completion of my Star Wars reviews, the 400th review,  a retrospective on the late Tony Scott, as well as a look at 9/11 and the cinema. I’ve also made some headway in reviewing the Star Trek movies, with Star Trek VI coming on the day of the 46th Anniversary, and finally, a day of celebration on Sunday in honour on Cinerama’s 60th birthday.

If you like what see, then keep reading and enjoy…

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