Being an avid Podcast listener, I’ve now discovered, and it would seem to be late as usual, the Now Playing Podcasts.

I have just begun to listen a series of podcasts recorded throughout the year leading up to The Dark Knight Rises release, of all the Batman Films. They follow the movies in a similar way to my own post which was published on the day of TDKR’s release, Batman & The Movies, but these podcasts are much more comprehensive, usually running for around 1 hour and 50 minutes.

They break down the films and discuss in detail, the plots, as well as the issues surrounding them.

My first thoughts on listening to two so far, that being The Dark Knight Rises and then Batman Begins, is that even though they make perfect sense, this is a plot-holing exercise and even though it can be fun and interesting to discuss and dissect films in this way, if you take reviews like these too seriously, you risk damaging your experience, missing the point and increase your expectations of perfection to unattainable levels.

Christopher Nolan is one of the best directors working today in my opinion, but that’s not to say that his films aren’t flawed as many others are, but one thing that cannot be measured in this way, is the tone, feel and ambiance of a film. Or how it makes you feel each time you watch it.

I like the podcasts so far based on what I’ve heard and I’m looking forward to listening to many more, but enjoying them for what they are and not allowing them or any other to unduly influence my tastes. Though considering they tore The Dark Knight Rises to pieces, and it was hard to argue with some of the points even though I feel that they missed a few which may have lifted it a bit, they still gave it a good review so that seems fair to me. A critical eye isn’t always a negative one. Good stuff.


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