Today may well be the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, or 60- years on the British throne, but to others, June 4th marks a more significant anniversary. On this day, 30 years ago the best of the Star Trek movies, Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan was released. Some people feel that Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home should hold that title but many like myself would hold that TWOK was the  highest water mark of the franchise.

But, coincidentally, it is also the 45th Anniversary of Khan’s first appearance on Star Trek, as it was on February 16th 1967 that the episode “Space Seed” first aired, and Ricardo Montalbán was introduced as the long running series’, most reviled villain; The Darth Vader of Star Trek as it were, even though he only appeared twice. Star Trek II was his second and last appearance but since this film brought Trek back from Robert Wise’s somewhat misjudged and misunderstood, The Motion Picture, a very 70’s sci-fi epic, and back to its roots as a character based melodrama, this film did Star Trek a priceless service.

Without its success, there may never have been The Next Generation of any of the three further spin-offs which were produced for no less than 18 years!

So, Happy 30th Birthday to Trek’s greatest movie; Live long and prosper…


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