DIRECTOR: Walt Becker

John Travolta; Tim Allen, Martin Laurence, William H. Macy: With a cast like this and the pitch of four older blokes forming a biker gang seems to be a winning formula, but unfortunately, it isn’t. Travolta was as bland as I’ve ever seen him; Allen was about as bland as you’d expect, and that left Laurence and Macy to hold the fort.

In the end this wasn’t a bad film. It made me laugh but it had very little about it and offers little realism to draw me in to either their plights or their motivations. I’m not suggesting that comedy should be grounded in reality to work but their lives are realistic in a way, but everything seems to be strained and forced, as if the writers had no idea about how these guys would live or what it was about their mentalities that would drive them to do what they do.

The Home Makeover credit sequence was probably the best joke of the film, with coming at the end was a little sad, but the comedy was there which is more than can be said for a lot of others.  Disappointing but not a total loss. Certainly worth a watch and I have no doubt that it will strike a decent chord with many, just not me.


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