DIRECTOR: Todd Philips


Well, first off, this was a lot funnier than I was expecting. It’s a simple story of four friends, well sort off, who go to Las Vegas for one of their stag nights, but after being slipped something, they lose their memories of the night, as well as the groom and find a trail of destruction left in their wake! Including a baby, a tiger and stolen police car!

This “Who Done it” scenario is played to comic effect quite well but there’s nothing to justify the film’s reputation. It’s funny in parts and the performances are quite believable as the bazaar situations play out but in the end, the final is pay off doesn’t work for me, being somewhat of an any climax. But having said that, it does try to deliver a message or two about relationships and has its moments but overall I wanted more comedy and less moralising whilst trying to be as gross as possible.

Not half bad though…


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