CINERAMA IS BACK! (Well Almost…)



…And the second most important of the Cinerama films is finally set to arrive on Blu-ray this year, or so they say. This is after a delay due to the usual rights issues typically associated with the rarer productions. This was the first an only Cinerama film that I have seen presented on a REAL screen, the U.K.’s very own Bradford Cinerama Screen and I would love to own and watch this again.

Let’s face it, it’s not great. It’s a product of its time, where travelogues were the Imax documentary of the day, but I do have a soft spot for the grandeur of these epicly shot productions and this was very first.

This Is Cinerama is a collection of shorts showcasing the technology of the vast curved screen, projected via three projectors and in turn, shot with three cameras. This was often mounted on a plane to present the world, though mainly the USA, in the epic grandeur of the format, but it was also used for scenes such as riding the rapids and tribal rituals etc, let alone the opening shot following a rollercoaster riding around the circuit.

This is old-school and a classic though aimed more at fans of the format rather than film fans per say. It is a specialised interest and one that I have. Call me a geek if you will!



Coming early in 2011, the 1958 documentary/feature film, Windjammer is the second film to be restored and presented in the Smilebox format. This is a rarely seen feature which may have been one of the most popular films of the 3-panel formats. Though presented and often projected as Cinerama, it was in fact one of a process known as Cinemiracle.

The formats were similar and consisted of the parallel strips of film being projected simultaneously. This is certainly an acquired taste but I feel that this is glimpse into a period of technical innovation is cinema which is all but lost. I am personally looking forward to see it.

There is some doubt or at least confusion over this release. The film has been remastered and restored and has be shown at Bradford’s Film Museum (left); But its Blu-ray release is yet to be confirmed, and there has been talk if its cancellation due to rights issues. Hopefully this isn’t true and it will hit the shelves sooner rather than later.

Hopefully this isn’t true and it will hit the shelves sooner rather than later.

And what about the rest? Well, after the remastering of the these tow features, the team behind this claim that the rest of theCinerama Travelogues from the 1950′s, such as Search For Paradise, Seven Wonders Of The World, Cinerama Holiday, and South Seas Adventuremay not far behind so stay tuned…

Thanks to the site for the information.


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