DIRECTOR: Gore Verbinski

Captain Jack is back! was the claim. In truth, Jack’s ghost was all that would return for the 2006 sequel to the excellent POTC: The Curse Of the Black Pearl. The prospect of the orignal director continuing the franchise himself, with the same cast all sounds too good to be true and it ultimately was.

Gore Verbinski had struck gold with Pirates, but it all seemed to go to his head and instead of understanding what it was about the first film that had worked, he fell for his own work and created an epic contrivance which brought all the elements from the first film to bear but missed the point, sacrificing the fun and excitement in favour of overblown melodrama.

Johnny Depp has become a caricature of his earlier Sparrow performance, but looks uncomfortable and strained as he forces zinger after zinger, reciting his catchphrases as if the character has nothing else to offer. Then we have Orlando Bloom, quickly growing tiresome as Will Turner and his finance, played so averagely by Keira Knightly.

The set pieces had to be bigger and better for the sequel and they decidedly were not. Bigger yes, but far from better as the massive overblown Waterwheel sequence can attest too, as all the characters are chasing the eponymous chest around an island. Fun though it was, its enjoyment was tainted by its contrivance, filling time with endless reaction shots as the chara

cters who look upon Jack’s ludicrousness antics as a nod to the audience. Jack is cool, but not if everyone knows about it!

But the biggest flaw is also one its great successes, with the introduction of a new villain in the shape of Davie Jones. Jones, Bill Nighy, has transformed in to a half man, half squid as he ferries the dead to the infamous Locker, and his press-ganged crew are going the same way, becoming warped hybrids of both man and sea life. But the effects which are so very, very good are also quite distasteful, not so much fun gross, but gross and disturbing full stop.

Well, they are to me anyway. It works but it goes to far in my opinion. In spite of this, it is still very watchable but all in all, I wonder what we would have done if this had never been made and I feel that we would have lost nothing. Fun but pointless…


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