DIRECTOR: Joel Schumacher


Will we be adding this to our collection? NO

May Contain Spoilers!

It wasn’t until after I’d watched this, that I discovered that I’d spent two hours with Joel Schumacher. He’s a strange bloke, Joel. Responsable for destroying the Batman franchise in the 90’s, setting a mainstream wannabe blockbuster in Phone Booth and making a relatively unheard of but critically successful war film in 2000, Tigerland, he also made one of the best John Grisham adaptations, with 1996’s A Time To Kill.

But all of these that I have seen, with the exception of Tigerland are far from perfect and lack any real spark, seemingly just going through the motions. And this is defiantly the best way to describe this film. At first glance it had most of the trappings of standard Jerry Bruckheimer blockbuster, but this made several major mistakes.

The first was in the casting. Anthony Hopkins plays a top C.I.A. operative who works with Chris Rock’s fellow, top C.I.A. operative who is killed in the opening action set piece. Luckily, he had a twin brother and who was separated at birth and he is now the man needed to save the world from nuclear destruction.

Yes, you read that correctly!

But, this is Bruckheimer, so it is fair game. We go though all the usual training games and the mistaken identity stuff, as well as the fish out of water sassy black man performance, but it’s all a little flat. Hopkins seems to be out-of-place as an English accented U.S. agent, and Rock seems to have been toned right down, with one major exception in a scene towards the end were a classic Rock rant makes a brief appearance.

But the actors, in effect, appear to have sold out on what they do best, and Hopkins leaning out of a car door shooting bad guys while a relatively calm Chris Rock is the relatable protagonist seems a little ridiculous! But, this wasn’t that bad. It won’t hurt, offend or necessarily make you turn off, but it probably won’t make your top ten lists nor entrain you throughout, either.

I would only recommend this for hardcore fans of Bruckheimer movies and not for fans of Rock or Hopkins and would also suggest just watching it TV, saving your hard-earned pennies in these difficult times.


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