DIRECTOR: Gillian Armstrong

Seen it all before. This 1994 version is the fifth film to be adapted from the 1868 novel. Little Women is the simple story of four Little Women and a cast made up of actors who have since become big players and well know names in the industry, finding their way in the world during and after the American Civil War.  It strikes a chord of Pride & Prejudice and was about a cinematic as the BBC version, which was to be made a couple of years later.

I have never read the source novel and nor would I want to if I’m honest, but this was a well made and solid period drama, providing everything that you would expect. But never having the read the book, I can only judge the film, but the overly sentimental take on the characters and events did grate at times, but this was to be excepted from a film such as this.

If you’re a fan of ultimate chick flicks, then this may well be the masterpiece that you’ve been waiting for…


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