DIRECTOR: John Moore

4 out of 10 means average and average is a generous review of this film, which is a remake of the 1965 original of the same name, beside the ‘the’, which itself was based on the 1964 novel. Han Solo, or Dennis Quaid’s impression of him, turns up to fly a group of oil workers from a failed remote drilling sight in Mongolia.

Once airborne, Solo, sorry, Quaid makes the unfortunate decision to fly his plane into the heart of a sand storm, which results in an overblown and ultimately boring crash sequence. For those who remember the classic Alive from the early 90’s, with one of the best cinematic crash sequences ever,  this scene should look familiar but ultimately rubbish in comparison; lacking any realism, horror or significant tension.

So, we have a crashed plane in the desert with few losses, sandstorms blowing, marauders killing and none stop disagreements and squabbling amongst the surviving group. And then we have Giovanni Ribisi, better known to most as Phoebe’s step brother from the hit comedy Friends, who was actually acting!

I had to get up and drag my other half in to tell her that the guy out of Friends was actually acting like somebody else! Quite a sight, and besides Dennis Quaid doing a brilliant Harrison Ford, this was brilliant acting. Pity that it was wasted on script and direction which was for all intents and purposes, total rubbish!

STOP remaking classics unless you can do them justice. This is a tragedy of a film, with every element grating on the remake front aswell as being a mediocre film in its own right.


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