DIRECTOR: Darren Aronofsky



Will we be adding this our collection? Yes

I knew that this was going to be one of those films which I was going to love or hate, and on that note, I was correct. I loved it! This was a dark, sinister tale of a young ballerina’s obsession with being the star of the show, but lacked the ability to break the restrictive mold of perfection.

When her company’s director, Vincent Cassel, gives Nina, Natalie Portman her dream role as the Swan Queen in Tchaikovsky’s  “Swan Lake”, he pushes her to explore and ultimately feel her darker side to perform her dual role as both the perfect White and the darkly seductive Black Swans.

This is a highly visually stimulating film, with a precise and delicate sound design, seeming capturing every foot fall of the dances toes, to the darker more sinister sounds of horror and violence. This is a physiological thriller about the attainment of perfection and the need to let that go and feel the passion of the roles which we all inhabit, but this will obviously not end well for all concerned.

This is a ballet film, but not for the faint hearted nor those expecting a graceful rendition of Swan Lake, but for those who would explore this world, which is often sultry, sleazy and dominated by some of the darkest emotions and motivations, you are in for a treat. Though Portman is more than well deserving for her Globe, BAFTA and Oscar nods, the entire cast and crew deserve praise for collectively presenting a film which fully realises it’s potential and delivered it in the same pristine manner as the film presents it’s balletic performance.

HIGHLY recommended.


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