Will we be adding this our collection? Yes

Tron pioneered so much and now it’s time to see if it can hold up against its own legacy…

The answer: Very well. This was a visually stunning film, without a doubt. Shot in 3D, though besides adding some dimension and clarity, it seems that the format is wearing thinner with each viewing, this was a visual feast.

The pounding base of the SFX design and the powerful, not necessarily in the emotional sense, but rather the sheer beating strength of it, were truly breathtaking, almost rocking the rear seats off the theatre wall. I have honestly never felt bass like it, and the sound track wasn’t overly loud, just well and powerfully designed.

The 2D to 3D transformation from the real world to that of the computer generated “Grid”, left me a little underwhelmed though, but that is simply because we are becoming too used to the 3D format hence the ever lessening impact.

The acting and script were not as breathtaking, but certainly nothing to be scoffed at; with the cast performing quite adequately as did the script. Though I doubt it will be nominated for an Oscar, and certainly not for originality. Though having said that, I would praise it for tying itself into it predecessor (TRON), very neatly, and advancing the Tron Legacy, pardon the pun, with ease. This is must be worth a credit or two as many sequels do not fare so well…

And credit must be given to Michael Sheen for another camp performance as a CG night club owner. His is certainly an actor who is versatile and effective in his roles. And Daft Punk’s score, though pretty straight forward was very effective and played a massive role in the film, seamlessly adding to the sound-scape and cyberpunk world where we spend most the movie.

Overall, I liked this film, would defiantly watch it again and think that it has done credit to TRON, 3D, which has to be the best since Avatar, and should receive every accolade possible for its epic, and I mean EPIC sound design.

This is a MUST for the Cinema if ever there was one.


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