Certainly an epic movie but if ever a film was saved from just being another western, it was this one. Its presentation in Cinerama has kept it up there as a grand epic, showcasing both western American as well as the all but failed technology of which it was filmed.

Great score, stellar cast, though unnecessarily so, and stunning visuals make this a must see, at least once. The story on the other hand is nothing more that a vehicle for the all the above…


The “Smilebox” version of the film, which simulates the screen’s curvature was first rate and along with the brilliant quality of the transfer, minus the vertical lines, and the crisp clear sound makes this a pleasure to watch.


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  1. Bill O. says:

    I think the creation of “SMILEBOX” is almost as much of a video miracle as CINERAMA was a movie miracle. Short of actually sitting in a Cinerama theater and watching the 3 strips of film projected onto a massive curved screen (with 7 discreet channels of magnetic audio sound), this process gives us a very good sense of the impact of Cinerama. An added bonus is the virtual elimination of the ‘join’ lines. Finally, home video does justice to Cinerama. Kudos to all involved.

    1. nEoPOL says:

      I completely agree Bill. Well said an Kudos indeed 😉

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